Multipurpose Custom Eyelash Boxes that Serve as Storage Box Too

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You have a choice to print multipurpose custom printed eyelash boxes that are used for display your eyelashes or storage boxes too.

Growing up I read a lot of Nicholas Sparks’ novels. In almost every novel the female lead had long, luscious eyelashes that even put Cleopatra to shame. I was certain that to get attention of your crush it is crucial to have healthy eyelashes. If you’re a blonde girl, you can understand my dismay when I looked in the mirror and there were no eyelashes. I mean I had eyelashes; they were just not very… visible. I knew I was doomed, I was never going to find my one true love because I had thin, blonde eyelashes.

It was quite possible that I would’ve spend my whole life in despair but on my 18th birthday I discovered something magical called “Fake eyelashes”. I mean eyelashes that you can glue to your eyes and they look very much like your own, this is what dreams are made of.

Soon putting on fake eyelashes became a staple in my makeup regime. I almost felt incomplete without my eyelashes. However, as we all know with great products comes great responsibility (I totally just made that up), storing these lashes securely was a hazard. Once I left my falsies on the couch and my nephew devoured it. We were mortified, my sister because her child had eaten a false eyelash and me because, well, those eyelashes cost me a lot of money.

Anyways I struggled with storage of my false eyelashes until I came across a makeup brand that made custom eyelash boxes that served as retail as well as storage box. Whoever came up with this idea deserves a noble prize (if it was up to me I would’ve totally given him one). The custom eyelash box was the solution to the storage problem for my eyelashes.

After switching to the said brand that came with custom eyelash boxes for storage, not once I left my eyelashes in places where they don’t belong i.e. couches, night stands, and bathroom counters. These boxes don’t cost a lot and they are in fact very efficient in maintaining brand identity and customer loyalty. Almost all the fake eyelashes that I own now are from the same brand. Product quality matters, but their storage box is a point that beats every other brand.

If you’re a makeup startup that makes eyelashes, investing in custom boxes for your products can be the next best thing that you can do for your brand and they don’t even cost much. 

Packaging companies like Gator packaging manufacture high quality custom eyelash boxes. A durable custom box may cost a couple of bucks but the customer loyalty it will earn you is priceless.