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saturated fats because they are essential for the construction of Strength Muscles. Numerous research

5G Male consume at all ... except the one coming from the berries and fresh natural fruits. Amazing! Do not be fooled! The trap is sneaky because the sugar tastes good and it triggers in our brain a cascade of biological effects by the action of dopamine. On the other hand, physically and emotionally, it is a different story. Decrease or even eliminate sugar from your diet and you will see important changes in your overall fitness. 8. 5G Male  Fill up with good dietary fats To be healthy, you need to consume fat. It is therefore necessary to favor the intake of foods rich in polyunsaturated fats, such as that contained in avocados, nuts, soya, olives but also of animal origin such as that contained in sardines, salmon , mackerel, halibut. .. On the other hand, what is less commonly accepted is that one must also consume.