Power Washers Have a Surprising Number of Uses

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Exterior home cleaning is the number one use for new pressure washers purchased by consumers. It's not surprising given their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In South Jersey, more homeowners than ever are after the best power washing Washington Township has available. On breezy days, algae spores float through the air, and some inadvertently land on homer exteriors. On any side, not receiving daily direct sunlight, they take hold and begin to grow. As they feed on other organic material, they leave behind a brown residue that needs to be cleaned away. If not, a home's appearance is diminished.

Apart from siding and exterior walls, mildew and algae also can build up on concrete surfaces. They can make a slippery mess as they embed themselves in the pores of concrete sidewalks and driveways. The stains they make can be tough to remove and, over time, become deeper and deeper. When a high- pressure wash is called for, it can blast away stains and bring concrete surfaces back to their original appearance. Once you have them cleaned, either with your machine or by professionals, it's wise to consider applying sealer. It protects the surface and guards against future mildew build-up.

Another use for your new power washer is roof cleaning. Soft washing with the appropriate cleaning solutions is ideal. It will safely clean away accumulated contaminants such as mildew and algae. Keep in mind never to use high-pressure on your roof because it could damage the delicate asphalt shingles. The kind of contaminants that most frequently build up on roofs can eat away at limestone filler. Over time, the shingles deteriorate, and a new roof is required. It's why routine and careful power washing makes such a favorable difference over time. Your roof will meet its expected lifetime if properly maintained.

Cleaning your deck might have been another reason to purchase a new pressure washer. It washes away dirt, grime, and other contaminants more quickly and efficiently than many different methods. When the boards are clean and can be viewed easily, it's easier to spot deteriorating boards and replace them before becoming a safety hazard. If it's time to repaint or stain, try a higher-pressure wash to blast away chipped paint and dull stain. Then recoat with new paint or stain. If your deck is in excellent condition, use lower pressure soft washing to restore its beauty and make it look like new.