Is It Necessary to Optimize Your Images For Website Rankings?

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In this post, we will discuss about the image optimization and its importance.

Website ranking is only one of the best ways to increase sales of your merchandise, but over time, the quality of Google improves, making it much more challenging to rank your site. Your site's ranking depends on several factors, such as high-quality articles, better backlinks, and the most important thing is image optimization. Now we will discuss image optimization using simple measures such as:

Similar kinds of images:
Choosing an associated image is the most crucial first step in image optimization. If your photo is not related to articles, it will be the wrong first step as Google will reject your photo to rank.

Always save images with using keywords:
Once the image is prepared, you need to store it on your desktop computer, but using all the content keywords you know, people can google search using your keyword. For those who write an informative article on "SEO Tips," you need to design an associated image and save the keyword and article tips on your site.

Add Description (Content) and Title:
When you can post your photo on your Wordpress site, it will ask you to add a description and title before adding the picture to your articles. It would help if you put the related name and description inside for optimization as Google will search for your photo using keywords and description like a caption.

A backlink for your images:
If you want to get a photo ranking quickly and quickly, you need to create a photo URL and select a related do-follow link on it, which will make your photo faster than others, as many SEO experts can do that. You can also bookmark or submit your image on free image sharing sites to get a backlink.

Also, point to the URL on Google and ping the URL of the photo.

The second alternative is image maximization, and you need to create a photo sitemap that will be tracked by google extremely fast and fast. Google will evaluate your photo sitemap every time you update it with a new photo and index all of them.

Improve image loading time:
If the image load time is quite long, it means your site ranking is likely to be in trouble as people continually reject the image when it takes time to load due to low torque. The loading times for photos need to be relatively short and fast so that your customers are also satisfied with Google.

Reduce the images:
If your photo takes time to load, you need to change it, reduce the file size, which will fit well with your image position on Google.

For example - the size of the first photo is 1 MB.

It takes less than 200 KB to load.