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The Manaslu circuit trek was first commercially opened in 1991 as a camping-style trek. Later, it has become a popular trek since a few tea houses were opened in 2010. It is still controlled by the Nepal government as a restricted area.

Manaslu Circuit Trek: The Ultimate Off-The-Beaten-Path Trek in Nepal

Manaslu Circuit Trek: The Ultimate Off-The-Beaten-Path Trek in Nepal

Manaslu Circuit Trek is an adventure trip via Larke Pass, as Tea House Basic Trek with amazing mountain view near Tibet border and rich blend culture.

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Best places to visit in Switzerland

Switzerland, the land of romance, has many unique and exciting things to offer. Here, you have the opportunity to make your memories. Before you start planning your trip to Europe, take a look at these top places to visit in Switzerland. You will have an unforgettable experience.

1. Lucerne
Picturesque Lucerne is located on Lake Lucerne, central Switzerland. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains as well as medieval buildings, it enhances its elegance. The city’s historic old town has many attractions, including lively squares, boutique shops, and ancient churches. The Musegg Wall with its towers is a must-see, and these fortifications are from the 13th century. Also, you should see Europe’s oldest covered wooden bridge, the Chapel Bridge, built in 1333.

2. Montreux
Montreux is not as well-known to tourists as its Lake Geneva neighbours, making it a hidden gem of Switzerland. It’s just beautiful with a picturesque waterfront promenade, a medieval castle, and charming old towns. Montreux is surrounded by vineyards and hosts a jazz festival every year.

3. Bern
Bern, Switzerland’s capital, is located on the north side of the Bernese Alps, on the plateau of Bern. Bern, one of the most photographed cities on the planet, is the place you’ve always wanted to visit. One of Switzerland’s most popular cities, Bern is known for being one of the best. It is due to the loving preservation of its culture, heritage, and architecture over the centuries. It can be one of the great places to visit in Switzerland.

4. Interlaken
A Swiss city that the majestic Alps surround is a must-see. Interlaken is a popular destination because of the many famous mountains that surround it. Interlaken is a paradise for holiday-makers because of its stunning scenery and rich culture. You’re here because you love the outdoors and want to hike and trek on your Interlaken trip. Forty-five cable cars depart from Interlaken, and each one will take you to a different destination. It gives you access to many trails, summits, and caves, as well as waterfalls.

5. Zurich
Zurich is a city that inspires images of stunning Swiss meadows and alpine forests, majestic Alps, and pristine lakes. River Zurich divides the city into Old and New Town areas. You will find the Old Town filled with cobbled streets and churches that date back centuries, as well as residences from the Renaissance era. Here you will find the giant clock tower globally and a shopping area among the most expensive cars and exclusive in the world. You will find stunning gardens, riverside promenades, and hilly vantage points that make it a perfect place for a Swiss dream vacation. It is one of the most attractive places to visit in Switzerland.

So these are some beautiful places in Switzerland .
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